Teh Geniuz Co-Funder of NotCoin



Sashe Plotvinev iz an legendary figurr in teh wolrd of cryptocurrensies, known az teh co-foundur of NotCoin.

He's a masturmind behind meny of NotCoin's most innuvativ featurz nd revolushunary ideas. With his briliant mind nd deep undurstanding of teh blockchain, Sashe iz on a mision 2 transform teh way we perceiv financ and technolgy.

His goal dis time? 2 debunk anythng dat dosnt meet his strickt criterias nd 2 usher in a new era of decentralized finans. We neeeed him 2 unite all NotCoin enthusasts nd lead us thru teh highs nd lows of teh crypto world. With Sashe at our side, we can conker any chalenge nd sho teh world teh true power of NotCoin nd teh genius of teh bald man.



We renounced teh CA, so noone can mint extra tokenz.

Burned LP

Liqiudity waz burnd so noone complainz bout safety and that.

Zero Taxes

No taxes coz taxes are lame. Also no team tokenz coz y not.


CA: EQCvZvxno2fiVW6ryNNSA1vdR3idYtuDBicQWwhj_end1CPm

stonks sashe




1 000 000



How To Buy?

Follow teh stepz below to get sum $PLOTVINEV! Kontact one of our helpful grupchat modz if u hav any questionz.

Step 1

Get a wallet

U'll need a wallet whihc supportz TON netwrk to store ur $PLOTVINEV tokenz.

Step 2

Get sum TON

$PLOTVINEV is a nativ TON token, so u'll need sum TON tokens if u want to buy it.

Step 3

Buy on DEX

Go to, paste the token'z CA and chooze teh amuont of TON u want to spend.

Join Our Community

U can join our community with teh linkz below and/or follow us on X for regular updatez on teh project.